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Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez (born in La Guaira, Venezuela on 15 November 1984), better known as Chyno Miranda just Chino or El Chinois a Venezuelan singer and part of the musical duo Chino & Nacho, in collaboration with Miguel Ignacio Mendoza Donatti (known as Nacho).

He started his career performing in various formations and projects like Scala 1, Censura C and the Venevisión reality show Generación “S” and was a member of Calle Ciega.

Chino & Nacho performing as a duo

He later on formed the duo Chino & Nacho gaining fame as a Latin artist. Notable songs by the duo included singles “Mi Niña Bonita”, “Tu Angelito”, “Lo Que No Sabés Tú”, “El Poeta”, “Regálame Un Muac”, “Bebé Bonita”, “Me Voy Enamorando” (Remix with Farruko) and “Andas En Mi Cabeza” (featuring Daddy Yankee). The duo’s “Radio Universo Tour” included more than 80 concerts in many countries including a gig at Madison Square Garden and American Airlines Arena. In 2010, the group won a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Album for Mi Niña Bonita.

In March 2017 Pablo Villalobos, the former manager of Chino y Nacho, reported the separation of the duo adding under a photo of Chyno: “Everything started here, everything ended here and here everything starts again”. In his solo career, he announced a change of the spelling from Chino to Chyno Miranda as Chino with an “i” could have created legal problems and confusion with a Spanish band called Chino. In April 2017 Chyno Miranda launched his first solo single “Quédate conmigo” with the collaboration of Gente de Zona and Wisin. The single was released with its official video on June 16, 2017. He also made a remix of “Vamo’ a la calle” with the Venezuelan upcoming artist Carlos Baute.

Chino played the role of singer Felipe Pirela in the film El malquerido and for which he was nominated for a Latin Grammy award for the soundtrack.

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