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I have always admired women that followed their dreams and passions, so when Marilena decided to contact me I was super excited, I looked at her jewelry line and it called my attention, especially the ones that say “Venezolana“…it identifies me, I guess.

But when she sent me the pieces, they where so unique and delicate that I had to share them with you.
Here is a little bit of her history and where you can find here:
Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela; currently living in Sunny Southern California, USA.
Venezuelan jewelry designer | Blog for womenI always liked crafts and handmade stuff: cross stitching, knitting, woodwork, painting… But for the last 6 years, I have been learning how to make jewelry, specifically dainty, elegant but , since it was hard for me to find them when I needed them for myself.
When I started, I proudly wore my own designs and, when they got complimented by my co-workers and friends, I would smile and say “I made it!!!”… and most of the time they will ask me to make them one, or two… And that is how my business started, with the support of my friends and coworkers, placing orders for themselves, their friends, kids, husbands, wives…
 Venezuelan jewelry designer | Blog for women, Trends, pop culture, and beauty tips

So, what started as a hobby is now my small business and it materialized on this Etsy store.

My style of jewelry is dainty, original, casual but elegant. Designed with my own 2 hands using true artisan techniques, repurposed/recycled sterling silver, leather and some natural stones among other materials.

If you are a smart, driven, passionate, beautiful woman, my designs are created with you in mind… We all want to feel a little bit prettier, and that is exactly what my designs do… by motivating you, by enhancing your outfit or simply by decorating you with a little bit of sparkle.

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