Venezuela is no joke

One of the things that frustrates me the most about Latin American countries, specially my own Venezuela is that they transform everything into a joke. We are going through one of the worst political and social times ever and I keep getting sarcastic funny videos and pictures of how bad the situation is. Personally it makes me want to cry.

If we don’t have food in the supermarkets, we make a joke. If we don’t have medicines in the pharmacy, we make jokes. If honest businesses are trying to work and grow and they can’t because they have to bribe the city offices, it does not matter it’s frustrating but we can make jokes about it because certainly it’s better to laugh than to cry at situations like this.

Well, I don’t believe in that. It pains me that my country it’s going through a rough time and that so many people are forced to migrate in looks of a better future, what saddens me more than anything else is that we keep making jokes about our political issues, about Chavez (he is dead, and we still make fun of him coming back to haunt us) or Maduro and his lack of education and worst of all the people’s social situation. For me it’s not funny it demonstrates that people adapt and move on instead of fighting for their rights.

Just imagine for one second if in this country, the land of the free the home of the brave, politicians announce that you will have to stand in line to buy food, (you work hard for it right?) or that you  can’t choose between chicken or meat and that you are not allowed to buy milk because it’s not your day. How many riots, protests, complaints do you think there would be? Do you think American citizens will stand for this kind of treatment or do you think they will laugh and send viral videos?

Unfortunately, I have read many times that we attract what we send out and maybe my dear Venezuelans, we need to change the way  we project ourselves to the world and to ourselves because at this point the outside world view of us its lacking seriousness.

PS: the video I posted here is what prompted me to write this essay, it’s a YouTube viral sensation and instead of laughing it made me cry and infuriated me.