Last week I was at an unfortunate event that is a funeral, mostly attended by South Americans, when the preacher giving the eulogy mentions that the young person that died donated his organs and gave life to 5 people…a sudden gasp and wow’s surrounded the room, nobody could believe it!

I said WOW but for a different reason…I couldn’t believe that in this day and age there are still some humans that will not consider giving life after death. It’s not a matter of living in the 1st world (as I heard some South Americans say) or having the most advance science (I have heard them complain again and again that doctors are better in Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, etc), it’s a matter of being a better human being that most people, and figuring out how can we educate our children to pay it forward.

I’ll give you 6 important facts for you to think about, please consider organ donation:

  1. People from all ages and medical conditions could be donors, your medical condition at the time of death will determine which organ or tissue could be donated
  2. There is NO cost to the donor or the family left behind
  3. Donors can add wishes in their Driver’s license or other documentation but please let your family member know as well
  4. Privacy is maintained for both donor families and recipients, unless otherwise requested
  5. Organ donation can only be considered after brain death has been declared by a physician, never before
  6. Most importantly you are giving life, a second chance to a person who I am sure will be forever grateful

Every new day that I spend in this country is another day that surprises me and makes me appreciate it even more. It’s been 15 years and now I couldn’t think about not giving this gift to someone else in need. Please be a donor.


Organ Donation: is the process of giving an organ or a part of an organ for the purpose of transplantation into another person. In order for a person to become an organ donor, blood and oxygen must flow through the organs until the time of recovery to ensure viability. (Donate Life)