I had the pleasure of meeting Camila Alves, we heard her speak about her life at Weallgrow LA. It was a real dream come true and an inspiration, she is sweet, she is kind, she is a hard worker, she is a visionary, and most of all she is an immigrant like me while raising bilingual kids.

Camila, came to the United States when she was 15 years old, and she never looked back sometimes working as a house cleaner, while living with her aunt and learning english (all at the same time).

She started her career as a fashion model at 19, and continued to venture into a series of new business like the nutritious food for babies: Yummy Spoonfuls that I tried in the following video with her ( sold at Target).

Alves, is now married to the all-time American Hollywood start Matthew McConaughey  and has three kids that she raises speaking both languages. She gave me one tip, that she uses to practice Portuguese.

She is a very sweet lady and I hope I can interview her once again soon.

I’ll keep you posted!