Before Mr. 305 aka Pitbull released his exito “I know you want me” in 2009 nobody was really conscious of what Spanglish really meant, yes we used to sing in English and have a few words in Spanish or sing in Spanish and have a few words in English (Ya va, what??) but nowadays Spanglish has developed into a whole new language mostly used by Floridians that have no need to communicate in neither language a 100%.

Well, the other day I was signing in the car, with my beautiful and not pitchy at all voice, and started noticing that almost all the songs are now in Spanglish. Isn’t it great? Almost all the Latino singers have figured out that to crossover they need to speak just like me and the millions of people that speak both languages (I wonder who told them finally that that was the secret to our bilingue corazoncito).

So just to make you travel in time and reminisce in the music department here are a few of the oldies but goodies in Spanglish that I have heard (and loved) during the years, until Pitbull Showed up:

Please don’t get me wrong I am not endorsing Spanglish by any means, I believe that you should learn to communicate in the language of the country that you are living (which in my case is English) and then try and play with your words. Comprende amigo?


  1. A hybrid language combining words and idioms from both Spanish and English, especially Spanish speech that uses many English words and expressions.