It had finally arrived, the morning that we had been waiting all year, the one that my mother had used against us for as long as I could remember. The one…the only, December 25th aka Christmas morning

It was always the same drill, we had been good all year just to enjoy what was coming in the next half an hour or so of our lives. It all started around 10:00 am every single December 25th, we quietly went downstairs to wake up our parents who were waiting for us smiling in their bedroom, already coffee in hand after a long night rest…NOT!

What really happened was: During the year our mom kept threatening us with the typical… si nos seguíamos portando mal no venia Santa, and that usually started early-November and lasted until midnight December 24th …can you imagine how much I cried for that old man?

And when the actual morning arrived, we ran downstairs as loudly and as early as we possibly could, usually 5:00 am-ish, to wake up my parents to go open the presents.

It took my parents what seemed about 3h of torture to get ready to come with us kids, did my mom really needed to brush her teeth and comb her hair at 5:00 am?? que falta de cortesía para con sus hijos.

Finally we made it downstairs to the tree, it was 5:30 am and Santa had been in our house, hurray!!!. We had tons and tons of presents divided into two big bumps, wrapped in a paper that I could had sworn I saw last week in my mom’s closet, que casualidad, and wait…is Santa’s handwriting just like my mom’s???

Never mind, let’s get back to the gifts because the real problem was about to start, creo que Santa se equivocó de casa o tiene ADD. I don’t get it, I made a list, a huge list with specifics just as he requested it and nothing. I got nothing from it??? MAMAAAA!!!

So as I was saying, every December 25th usually starts the same, but this time around it’s my turn to be waiting in my bedroom around 10:00 am coffee in hand after a long night rest…NOT!

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