My best friend and I were discussing the American tradition of sending Christmas cards, she was telling me how this year she was going to dress her kids up really pretty and send cards wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, how fun. Are you doing it? She asked me.

Ay no! Que flojera, I replied.  Can you imagine… in my card it will only be ME and Allegra, my boys will never be up for it, well, maybe my dog and that is because I will make him. My friend starts laughing and says, y quien te dijo que yo quiero estar en la tarjeta? Es solo los niñitos! , OMG really? How boring…

This is the story of our friendship, I love to be the center of attention and she hates it with a passion. She watches everything from a distance without losing a detail while I lose all details by being in the center.

I am not sure how friendships are formed, or why do we pick one person over the other. I just know that we have been friends since elementary school, 3er grade to be exact, and I have always loved her dearly and considered her one of my closest friends. However, we have not always been this close or live in the same country, but destiny brought her closer to me a few years ago and it has been the funniest and happiest years of my life.

Making a friend

Three significant factors make the formation of a friendship possible according to Wikipedia

  • Proximity, which means being near enough to see each other or do things together: Exactly my point, when she moved here from Venezuela a few years ago, it was like having a piece of my childhood back with me. Someone that understood the real me, the whole me, the good and the bad.
  • Repeatedly encountering the person informally and without making special plans to see each other: Ah no… this was more than repeatedly, we were in heaven, we went to the park, the beach, our houses, the mall, you name it we did it together.
  • Opportunities to share ideas and personal feelings with each other: Aquí se nos va de las manos, the capacity that we have to talk on the phone about serious matters and nothing at the same time amazes both of us. Que talento compañero.

I feel blessed to have my friend and her family close to us. We are so different yet so similar, she is the yin to my yang, la dulzura de mi café amargo mañanero y el radio prendido que nunca se calla cuando trato de meditar. We complement each other and for that and a million other things I will be forever grateful.















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