It was the last week of 2015 and as I was sitting on my work desk reflecting about the year that was leaving us, I was also hopeful and had great expectations for the New Year.

I don’t want to be ungrateful, but 2015 you were not the greatest. So to prevent any bad luck in 2016 I had a plan of action and armed myself with as many Venezuelan traditions I could possible and physically accomplish at midnight, I was going to secure myself an amazing 2016!!!

Venezuelan Traditions 101

  • Put on yellow underwear or panti amarilla: this tradition it’s supposed to bring you money in the New Year. Last year I wore grey underwear and the results were not that good. So this year I  bought myself bright yellow granny panties, If you saw them through my pants last night, I’m sorry… never meant to hurt you.
  • 12 grapes: This tradition is supposed to bring you luck, you should swallow a grape with the last 12 strokes until midnight. No problem, I swallowed all my grapes with lots of champ, done and check.
  • Lentejas: no idea why we do lentils at midnight but just in case I will eat them too. Better safe than sorry.
  • Champagne: this one is my favorite tradition. I started drinking as soon as I got to my friend’s house to secure myself an over the top 2016. No problem here.
  • Salir con la maleta por el vecindario: This tradition is supposed to secure you great travels during the year. I’ll leave it to your imagination, but picture me running in heels after a couple of champagne glasses with a suitcase. I wonder what the gringo neighbors thought of this one.
  • Count as the clock strikes to twelve: waiting and counting together with your family until midnight it’s supposed to bring you union, paz y amor. Every family does this one over an over again, in hopes it repeats itself every year.

People will often tell you bad times are necessary to appreciate what is coming, because there is always some lesson you are meant to learn from that experience. So I guess, 2015 thank you for all the lessons learned and thank you for  the good experiences and fun times with my family.

However, it was time to say goodbye and so last night we finally parted ways. 2016 I have so many plans and things to share with you… I can’t wait. Please be AWESOME!!!


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