Monday mornings around 6:00 am is my favorite time of the week, is the moment when I open my eyes and realize that my kids are going back to school after an awesome, and just in time over, weekend together.

Monday mornings I wake up feeling like Mary Popping’s, full of energy, optimism and ready to conquer the world, or better yet my kids. I get up brew the coffee (with a spoonful of sugar) and start getting everything ready to wake up my daughter. I am ready, I can do this because I am Mary Popping’s, and so… I get into her bed and start kissing her, le hago carinitos, I sing to her (while I think: por favor Diosito, please let it be a good day).

Then she opens her eyes, and I wait, in fear….fear of what its coming. Will she be on a good mood, will she be crying, will she demand for me to change her uniform 3 times before I lose my patience. It does not matter, I can handle whatever comes my way because today it’s Monday, and I am Mary Popping’s.

Mary Popping’s manages to change and comb her hair while my daughter is still half sleep, the fight about the bow never fails, siempre hay un toma y dame al respecto, but since today its Monday I win without the involvement of any tears. Patience my friends makes all the difference.

Fast forward to Thursday and Mary Popping is LONG GONE, that lady better not be near my house… because I already know that nothing she signs is in tune, and a spoonful of sugar everyday will give me and my kids diabetes. I have transformed myself into Cruella DeVill, and I am screaming and puffing my way into the weekend.

Did I mention that Friday afternoons are my favorite time of the week?, I have my two kids with me to enjoy without the rush of the week, and Saturday morning can’t come soon enough… and the best part is, that Mondays around 6:00 am everything starts all over again.









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