A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to travel out of the country without the kids for 4 days…what was supposed to be a short and quick break away from the kids, (put a few clothes on a suitcase and leave kind of a trip) took more logistics than the Nasa when a cohete is about to launch.

I had to make sure everything was going to be ok with my kids, my dog and my house. It was going to be a long 4 relaxing days (was there alcohol on this trip?). First I needed to figure out where my kids where going to sleep, easy right? WRONG!! With capital W y eso es quedarme corta.

I have two kids six years apart from each other, they go to different schools and have differents friends. So I had to find one patient and poor soul que les diera albergo a los dos during the weeknights. Check and done.

The night before leaving we were still at home, but had delivered the kids already since we had an early flight. Poniendo la cabeza en la almohada a las 8:00pm y llama mi amiga, your daughter wants to talk to you (oh SH…T  I thought, here we go).

Alo…hola chiqui , I said. And what ensued was 20 min of crying and screaming with a few please don’t go, (de quien sera hija esa nina?). My friend grabbed the phone and said don’t worry she is fine and she WILL go to sleep now. Good luck with that amiga.

Alo..hola chiqui….Quiero mi papa!!! 10:00 pm, more crying, more screaming, more please don’t go. My husband had enough (and so had my friend at this point). Allegra, he said while getting dressed and talking to her on the phone, I’m picking you up right now!  NOOOOOOO, please don’t pick me up, I want to sleep over, more crying, more screaming….ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Well, I don’t know how but we made it to our destination, and while we were there I kept thinking; what a great country this is, yes, I have no family close, but I have been able to make friends that act as such and most importantly… there are dog spa’s that have cameras, so I can check on my four legged baby while I’m away. Isn’t it wonderful?