Not Another Dog

One of the things that connected my husband and me when we were younger was our love for the animals, especially dogs. Now, in South America dogs usually stay outside in the garden or in the patio, they rarely enter the house, they magically get feed and the best of is that who knows if they poop and who cleans it. What I did not know before moving here is that all these details, believe it or not, are correlated or inversamente proporcionales to how much you can love or hate an animal.
We got married on a beautiful November day and moved to the States, no sooner than 6months after we married my husband started nagging me that he wanted a dog, and me being the animal lover that I am and a brand new wife I finally said yes. Oh, when that beautiful dog arrived, it was our baby, we took her out for walks, bike riding, to the park and even when she ate all our books and magazines we tough she was beautiful (ay no que belleza de animal…) we called her Nina, she was after all our one and only child.
Not Another Dog in This House | Blog for WomenAs time went on, life started getting complicated and Nina was not that important anymore at least for me. I had a son, a house, a job and everything else that comes with it. A love and hate relationship started to form between “the dog” and me (yes, she was now the dog), a silent war was brewing for my husband’s love and attention that manifested itself in the worst kind of way from her part.It’s started little by little, with tiny torturous little details that grew worse the older she got. Nina the most obedient dog in Boca Raton decided she was going to do whatever she wanted, she was now in charge. She started eating food directly from our table, sneaking out from our house anytime she could, not listening when I called her, yapping at little kids (she had never done this before) and the worst of all was when she started using the living room carpet as her inside the house facilities. La quise matar más de una vez!
Not Another Dog in This House | Blog for Women

A few summers ago, I had a few of my high school friends and their

kids in my house to just relax, it was a perfect day, kids were happy and playing and moms were eating and drinking. As the day went on Nina started to get restless with all the kids screaming so I decided for her safety to lock her in my room, she would probably go to sleep and rest for a little bit. An hour or so after, one of my friends noticed a strange smell inside the house, we all thought it might be the baby, and went on to check him. Well, my friends, needless to say, it was not the baby, I opened my bedroom door to find the most disgusting surprise she had ever given me, poop and pee all over the floor, my carpet and my duvet. The rest of this wonderful story you probably don’t want to know….it was the last straw.

After that day I vowed never ever to have a dog again, animals should be a part of your family and I was too overwhelmed with my everyday life to take care of another living thing. I was adamant about that and I always have the last word in my house!
I rest my case… Red arrived not that long after.
Not Another Dog in This House | Blog for WomenNina died 13 years young but really happy and with her best friend by her side, my husband. Looking back I feel bad that we had such a bad relationship towards the end, but hey…maybe I can make it up a bit now with Red, he has my whole heart.

Not Another Dog in This House!

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