Everyone knows that I have tendency to be more on the heavy side of the scale that the light one, even thought I don’t eat as much as you think I do now that I am an adult.

So you can imagine what growing up was like in a society where physical beauty was measured only by how thin you looked and nothing else. Latin American people, especially women are very harsh on each other and spend countless hours at beauty salons, gyms and diet plans that leave them hungry but beautiful.

It all starts in our childhood…instead of teaching our girls to accept their selves mind, body and soul, we focus on the the physical aspects of their bodies and when they start getting bullied, we think we protect them by controlling their food intake rather than on the nature of the problem. It’s been done like this for generations, it’s our culture and the set standard of beauty, we all need to resemble each other and be as slim as possible. Esqueléticas pues.

I wonder what would happen, if instead we focused on telling our kids to accept our differences and value each other as is. What a great society we would be.

Last week as I was watching the Grammys, I noticed that a lot of the starts are now what would have been considered a few years ago as heavy sided, o mas bien over weight. Demi Lovato, Adele, Elle King and Meghan Trainor just to name a few, oh how proud and happy I was, finally their talent was more powerful and more talked about that their weight.

I was also full of hope for the future of beuty and not only external, because for a girl that looks in the mirror and sees a million flaws y sobresalientes rollos compared to her Latina friends, maybe and just maybe the world would soon catch on to the gringas and the healthy and real woman look will soon be ON STYLE