Before I launched my website I asked one of my dear American friends to help me with the English spelling of my blog, as soon as she read the title she turned around and with the most concerned and sad face I had ever seen her do, she said: Noelle, Do you even like hanging out with Americans? (say what? que angustia, pensé en ese instante).

I took a deep breath because I knew a long explanation was to follow. I had invited her to read my blog, get her opinion and help me because I trust her and she has become one of my closest and dearest friends here in Boca. We have similar interest, kids the same age, schools, we read a lot and the husbands like each other, so really the only thing different between us is our culture and language (we also love to drink our wine but that’s not important right now…). So when she asked me that question I knew I had to carefully explain to her what I meant with my title of my blog bilingual and loving it.

Because I value her friendship I had to let her know that, yes, we are different in an awesome kind of way. I have tried to be part of this culture from the moment I landed in Miami and I believe I have made it the best I have been able to. However, I now feel I’m stuck in this country Limbo, I am not American and nor will I ever be and I do not feel 100% Venezuelan anymore.

I will never be American period. First off I have an accent, my kids say it’s embarrassing and my friends say it’s adorable, you choose.I don’t have any American family here, no cousins, uncles, sisters in law, brothers in law and I did not marry a gringo. Who cares, I feel this is my country and I take it as is. However, after 15 years I no longer belong in my beloved Venezuela, I feel more of a tourist there when I go back than in any other city here in the States. I don’t know any of the cool places anymore, or the slang it’s being used, or where to buy this and that as I say in my blog, or … hmmm now that I think about it this could also be due to the fact that I’m getting old, but view private Instagram Reddit 2017 that’s another conversation that I am not getting into right now.

The point is, in a few years I will have lived in the USA more time than I did in Venezuela and maybe how to view someones private Instagram photos when that day comes I will feel a little less extranjera. But not once in all this time, I have felt not welcome or loved or embraced by the American people or my community and for that I’m grateful.

Always remember you are a permanent guest in this wonderful country, it is up to you to behave as such and embrace this culture and its people. Go ahead with no fear they have a lot to offer, after all, we are here to stay.

Last but not least a big thank you to my American friends and peers for being there and sharing the love with their Latina friend it is greatly appreciated, and yes Beth I really like hanging out with my American friends.




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