What matters most is: How you rise after the fall?

Over the years, I have been torturing myself with the same self-doubting questions about not being able to find the “right job”, the “right fit”, or the “right opportunities”, in the post-baby’s modern working world.

Is it me? Is it my husband? Is it my kids? Should I have stick to a job that I hated instead of trying something new? questions like these were the ones that plagued my mind and at one point, made me doubt myself and broke my soul.

Lately, while searching for some clarity, I started reading a lot of articles about going back to work after 40, or going back to work after children, or working after menopause, or divorce, or after planet Mars hit planet Earth, etc.

The truth is, that reading about all of this has been giving me more anxiety and self-doubt than ever before, and I can tell you… that what I felt while reading these articles, it’s exactly the opposite of what I started looking for during my initial research.

Writers usually tell you, just relax, find your passion and make it into a job. Great! (I thought) easy enough…then I tried to relax and started thinking, and thinking, and yes…you guessed it, I gave it some more thought. And I could not find one passion of mine that could give me money… I could find lots of them where I could spend a lot of it…but certainly not one, that I could turn into a profit. I was screwed.

No big deal, writers also tell you to trust the process and believe in yourself. So after reading a bunch of other articles, and working a few more jobs in which I did not “fit in”, I was determined to either find one job that I really loved or… to create it. And yes, don’t forget that all of these goes on while I was still trying to find my passion, and in the meantime trusting the process of believing in myself. Colapso total, however still determined.

Last but not least, the famous “get support” phrase. Finally, one thing that made sense to me… yes, I will get support because I will need it, nobody can do it on their own, nor should they have to. I am all about helping women, networking your behind off, and if you still are trusting the process while trying to find your passion, nobody will be there with you, or for you, more than a great group of ladies going through the same process as you are.

So, ladies, life is not perfect and we might have to rise after the fall a couple of times but, with the right attitude and support group, together, we can do it!



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