Las week I had the pleasure to spend an afternoon with la talentosa Mariana Carles. I admire this woman so much, not only she has a passion for what she does, but she is funny, charismatic, beautiful and most importantly possesses a gentle soul that propels her to love and help others sometimes more than her own self.

Mariana is a bilingual Latina born in Caracas, Venezuela (no need for birthday here, thank you). She has been in the TV and News Anchor business since the early 2000 and counting. Right from the get go Mariana knew that her life would always be following this path until stardom.

Mariana’s latest endeavors have been keeping her busy. If she does not find herself Broadcasting the news for any important TV network (her latest one was Mira TV), she is doing Radio at Rumbera 105.5 FM, where you can listen to her everyday with different local, national and international news plus fashion and style interviews.  Un poco de todo y mas!

But definitely what keeps her heart happy and her soul fulfilled is an organization she founded in November 2015 called KIDS NETWORK FOUNDATION, which dedicates itself to provide opportunities for integral development to children and adolescents in foster care and low income families whose rights have been violated. Mariana herself takes care of 3 little girls, making sure that all her necessities are covered and her rights are never violated. Demasiado especial.

Last but not least I have to give her thanks, not only for giving me this precious couple of hours, but because every time I spend time with this wonderful person called Mariana Carles I get reminded that life is much more than what I see everyday, and sometimes we tend to forget that little detail. So for that I thank you!

To learn more about Mariana please read her blog called Happyando or read her column in Latina Noticias.