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On a beautiful sunny morning here in my beloved city of Boca Ratón Fl., I was lucky enough to be photographed by the great Maria Baiz, known by her friends as Meme. Finally, my dream had come true and I was no longer regular Noelle but  I was transformed by Maria into this precious model.
Maria Baiz came professionally armed with her treasure, a Nikon camera, and a carry on with the rest of her equipment, and began to execute the plan that we had so carefully talked about weeks prior to this meeting. I could tell she loves her job as she was all smiles behind the camera while talking to me about how beautiful the light was, the weather, the shoot, the model (of course me), the setting etc…I felt so confident in her work that I ended up enjoying her company as much as the shoot itself.
Maria Baiz Photography | Blog for womenShe has been a profesional photographer here in South Florida for a long time, I would watch her take pictures of others and never had the chance to do one for me.  I was so honored and happy when I saw the results, how could Maria had captured Boca Ratón spectacular architecture, my personality and make me look so beautiful all at the same time was beyond my comprehension and exceeded my wildest dreams, wow just wow!
So after I had the shoot with Maria I jumped at the opportunity to interview her for my blog and here is what she had to say, please enjoy the read and I hope you have the chance to meet her and work with her one day:

1) Where are you from and when did you come to the USA?

I was born in the beautiful South American country called VENEZUELA and was raised in the country’s capital Caracas. At the age of 20, I moved to the US in order to go study Art / Photography and pursue my dream career, being a photographer.

2) What do you like about being Latina?

The happiness and outgoing way we approach every single aspect of our lives. And the fact that we carry family traditions very strongly everywhere we go.

3) When did you decide you wanted to be a photographer?

I have loved photography my whole life. I got my first camera when I was 15 years old and I have been taking pictures ever since. At age 20 I inherited my brother’s old and completely manual camera, it was then when I learned how to take real pictures and process them in the darkroom. I would spend hours and hours processing my photos, to the point that I would lose track of time and mornings turned into nights. It became my passion!

4) Where did you study and what equipment do you use?

I took my first photography classes in Tuscaloosa, AL. where I studied Commercial Art. After I graduated, I was 100% sure this passion needed to be turned into a carrier, so I applied and was accepted to the Art Institute of Fort. Lauderdale and moved to FL in 1999 in order to get my PHOTOGRAPHY degree and learn every aspect of the photography field.

I’m a Nikon Lover, all my cameras and lenses are Nikon products. I’m mostly a natural light photographer, but when I need the extra light I use Alien Bees Strobe lights and Photogenic’s.

For my digital darkroom/office, I use Mac, all my computers are iMacs and PowerBooks, (I’m a Mac Lover) and of course all the ADOBE photography programs.

5) What is the best part of being a photographer for you?

Being a photographer is an amazing career choice, I have been able to photograph lots of happy moments in people’s lives, I’m responsible for treasuring people’s special occasions and what’s not to like about that. I feel so grateful and blessed to get to know people’s homes, family traditions and being front row and center at people’s most important days such as their weddings, baby’s firsts, important children religious celebrations, etc.

Moreover, being a photographer has given me the opportunity to handle a great carrier and at the same time being able to balance my beautiful family.

6 ) What do you see in your subjects when you take the pictures or rather what do you want to capture?

The first thing I want to capture or observe when I start taking pictures at any event, a personal photo shoot, or a family affair is their personality. I love to capture the real self of my clients, their real expressions, traditions and the little things that make them different from everybody else.

I love to see that smile from my clients when they observe their pictures for the first time and they look at themselves reflected in my images, those are memories that will be treasured forever in my photographs.

7) What is the one thing you wish young Meme knew at the beginning that she knows now?

I think everything I know now has been earned with experience and hard work. I’m glad I have been achieving my goals little by little, so I have no regrets and I don’t look back when it comes to my career

The things I didn’t know in the beginning that I know now are part of my learning process, there are many things that I still don’t master and I’m working on them right now.

8) Are you willing to travel for work?

Yes, I love doing destination jobs. I have had the opportunity to travel to other countries and cities in the US to do jobs and I absolutely love it!!

9 ) If you can choose one line of photography for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would love to do Life Style photography, travel around the world documenting different cultures, their way to live and travel, their food and fashion, hotels, chefs, designers, homes etc.

10 ) What is your daily is the inspiration?

Many things inspire me. Light is my mayor source of photography happiness (a nice afternoon light for example) music, textures, blogs like yours, flowers, a great movie, traveling, big time traveling, my kids, a smile.

11) Where do you see yourself in the future?

I hope I can be a photographer for many more years to come. However, I would love to teach at some point, I would like to pay it forward and be able to transmit some of my knowledge to other people that share the same desire of being a photographer.

12 ) Do you have a favorite photographer that you emulate or that you love?

There are several photographers that I admire … I don’t emulate anybody’s style but I try to learn from their technique and experience. Some of my favorite photographers are: Jose Villa, Steve McCurry, Ann Leibovitz, Jerry Ghionis, Elizabeth Messina, among others.

13 ) Black and white or color?

COLOR, always COLOR.

14 ) Where can we contact you?

  • You can contact me vía my web site:

Maria Baiz Photography | Blog for womenMaria Baiz Photography | Blog for women
Maria Baiz Photography | Blog for women  Maria Baiz Photography | Blog for women

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