One day a few years ago I was looking at myself in the mirror and the body of the person looking back at me was not mine. It was the body of one that has let herself go and not moved a finger in at least 10 years.

That same day I decided I was going to start exercising ASAP, and so I did… about one year after, when a good friend of mine invited me to a Zumba class in a gym right here in Boca. Era de extrema urgencia.

I was confident, I was ready, Zumba was going to be my exercise forever I was sure of it because…que Latina que se respete no sabe bailar salsa, merengue y reggaetón? Well, apparently I was the one. The only Latina that could not follow the Zumba instructor’s lead and couldn’t understand what was going on in that class.

Why was every gringa going to the right following the Zumba Instructor, while my rhythm told me me to go to the left?  Ya va un momentito, why were they all moving their behinds like there’s no mañana dancing reggaetón, and I was still going around doing my salsa moves (like a pro BTW). Are you kidding me?, This made no sense to me…who certified that Zumba instructor?

But worse than my lack of Zumba control, was listening to those ladies joyful screams, what were they screaming about those xxxx???… We were sweating, hurting, thinking about the routine and still they were having fun?? Hipócritas!, that was all I could think about when my body was trembling and it wasn’t because I was cold.

Nevertheless, while the class  was going on I made sure to scream, as loud as I could, moved my behind, danced around, do the conga, dale con Pitbull, etc (yes friends, peer pressure makes wonders). When the class was finally over, and my friend asked me with her best smile and 3 lb less if I liked it, I said: Yes, it was estelar…when do you want to come back?

It’s been a few years since that fatídico first encounter with my friend’s so adored “Zumba”, and now I have a three day routine (that it’s not Zumba) that I follow and like, still without passion, but with the understanding that my health is first and foremost what is at stake here. So Zúmbalo!