If there is one thing that I fear more than La Llorona… is to get sick in this country. Getting a simple cold is the worst nightmare I could ever have, do you know how hard it is to function in this country with kids, no family, a fever, a runny nose and no help???

Back to when I was a princess I remember being sick as an inconvenience of some sort, and yes, it was certainly not fun. But now that I look back, I even find myself missing those limonaditas calientes con sopitas de pollo that were brought to me under my comforter, by my nana or my mom. Long gone amigos.

I remember the first time I got sick here in the USA, I was already married but without children, and suddenly I did not know what hit me, because the same cold I got in Venezuela felt a million times worse here and I had no idea why. Where was my mom, my nana and my limonada?.

It was the most bizarre feeling in the world because, yes, I was physically ill, but it was more than that. I felt alone, and I could not believe that I had not a single soul to help me in a time of need. I learned that day that if I wanted my sopita, I would either have to make it myself (while crying) and go straight back to bed, or… go to the supermarket feeling like sh…t (still crying). Desesperación con malcriadez all in one little cold.

Now fast forward a few years later to getting the same cold but with the pleasure of having children, ahhh what a dream it is to not being able to rest the virus away, and instead having to manage the agendas of the little dictators that live in my house. Their demands never stop and I find myself trying to manage my fever at the same time that I visit my bathroom toilet, under a shower of MOM’s and I need this and can’t find that… really???

Y por si fuera poco, food, water, school and plenty of after school activities are always in demand, when all I want to do is lay down in my bed and slowly but surely disappear under the covers to never be shown again. Diosito una ayudadita pues.

So as I was saying, there is one thing than I fear more than La Llorona and that my friends, coming from my culture  is a lot to say. So if you feel you are getting sick…please vitaminas contigo y nos vemos en un mes para echarnos los cuentos.