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Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a brilliant communications major professional and lifestyle blogger that partnered with T.J.Maxx in a 16 city U.S.A. tour, that will serve as a purpose to show “real everyday women” with “real everyday life’s” , and how they conquer any obstacles life may throw at them and at the same find beauty, strength and inspiration to give others meaning and hope to follow through.

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Katherine is meeting these inspirational women all over the United States and interviewing them at each city’s T.J Max store; talking with, taking pictures and sometimes quoting them in her instagram (@katherineschwarznegger), Facebook (, Twitter (KSchwarzenegger) while using #RoadtoReal, on her web site “Lifestyle On Your Terms.”. 


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I had the chance to interview her during some of her meetings, and I was pleasently surprised of how warm and candid she was, not only with us bloggers but specially with the women she was talking with. Katherine finds inspiration from real women with authentic stories, that are trying every day to do the best they can with as much or as little as they have in their regular lives.



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While we were there she was talking with a Latina lady that was leting her know about the struggles of having a son at a young age and the gap between him and her youngest daughter, I could see the compassion and how she was taking it all in to really value the experience.

Katherine is also the daughter, as many of you already know, of a first generation European immigrant that made a life for himself here in the USA and married an American. So she understands the uniqueness and realness of the immigrant struggles and considers them to be a source of great inspiration for her everyday life, in fact what better stories for her “Road to real” campaign with T.J.Max that the stories of us, the Latino immigrants.



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