ID Tech Camp in Boca Raton FL.

At the beginning of this year, I considered sending my son to a new technology camp right here in Boca Raton, it looked very promising and it was only a week. However, I was still on the fence because I consider my son to be a video game addict, les juro, he can play for hours and hours and the world can cease to exist.
So, will this camp really be good? will it really help him with coding or will it send him more into the depth of his computer screen?… At the end, we decided not to send him since he was not really into it, or any camp for that matter y tampoco es que era gratis.

But guess what, por cosas de la vida I met this awesome latina mom called Ana Larrea-Albert (latina boss and entrepreneur) who’s son was going to try it for a week, so I asked her to please share her insights once the camp was done.

And here is what she and her son Louie had to say about ID-Tech Camp:
ID Tech Camp in Boca Raton FL. | Blog for womenMy son is obsessed with video games. As many parents out there, I walk a very fine line between encouraging him to exercise valuable character traits and skills such as perseverance, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving (all of which are very much present during his gaming) and letting him play hours on end spending too much energy stressing out over the leaderboard status.

Louie has been playing video games since a very young age; in fact, the three us of played quite a bit together so as parents we wouldn’t miss out on this type of fun, so he has been developing his skills in creating environments and characters in user-friendly platforms like Little Big Planet for many years now. So when I had to start thinking about this summer’s activities for him, I wanted to make sure that he could get a head start doing something in this field additional to his yearly sports camp (he’s been going to America Heritage summer camp for ~8 years and it’s been a blast).

After doing some research, I came across ID Tech camp. The key factor was that, for the first time, they were having a summer session at Florida Atlantic University’s Boca Raton campus. As I looked more into it, I found their camp to be perfect for what I was looking as they offered weekly sessions, an overnight package with stay at the FAU dorms, a variety of game design classes including on one of the most advanced game engines on the market Unreal Engine, and classes of only 8 kids per instructor with adaptable instruction based on experience. All of those items checked the right boxes on my wish list. So my son was going to have his first over-night camp experience close to home, have fun with new friends while building real-world tech skills in STEM…count us in!ID Tech Camp in Boca Raton FL. | Blog for womenHis experience was indeed very fulfilling. He showed us his work at the Family Showcase event on the last day of his camp session and we were impressed. The instructors were corky and fun, the other kids were equally as enthusiastic about all things gaming and design, and at thirteen years old, he has already started a portfolio of his design work that will help him in not only guide his future steps but already build his curriculum with the body of work.

We are signing up for next year as soon as admissions are open because we were lucky this year to get in the quickly sold out sessions. Kids, both girls, and boys, as young as 6 years old and all the way through 18, can start their journey into coding, programming, game design, etc. Couldn’t recommend it more!

ID Tech Camp in Boca Raton FL. | Trends, pop culture, and beauty tips ID Tech Camp in Boca Raton FL. | Trends, pop culture, and beauty tips
ID Tech Camp in Boca Raton FL. | Trends, pop culture, and beauty tips ID Tech Camp in Boca Raton FL. | Blog for women
Thank you so much Ana for sharing your son’s wonderful experience with me and the B&L’t readers, and have you guess yet who’s son is going next year as well?


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