It was a regular Friday afternoon when I had the pleasure to meet the singer Haven Star here in my beloved city Boca Ratón Fl., where she resides and goes to Public school. If you have not heard anything about this beautiful 14 year old before, you will remember my blog when in a few months from now she is all over the pop charts with her new album. Haven is not only young, pretty and sweet but according to El Maestro Marturet , Rudy Perez and all her fans she is super talented as well. Muero por oírla en vivo!

Haven Star started singing Blues when she was around 2 years old, her dad Troy Ross who was in a band at the time called Lucky Street, noticed she had a special talent that could not be ignored. Haven started signing in talent shows during elementary school and was soon discovered by the famous producer and musical director Rudy Perez with whom she has been working ever since.

Haven Star made her debut with The Miami Symphony Orchestra in 2014 during the 15th anniversary of the Beatles alongside Ruben Studdard from American Idol, y amigos I suggest you pay close attention to the Miami Rocks concert this Sunday, March 20, 2016, at 6 pm, where she will be performing a solo song with the Miami Orchestra written and produced by her mentor Rudy Perez called  “ Let’s All Be Heroes” and Variations from El Maestro Eduardo Marturet…. magical things will happen and I can’t wait.

I was fascinated by the fact that this young artist is a natural born musician, she plays guitar and piano by ear and has never attended standard music lessons, which proves that everyone that is born with a special talent can flourish if you really love what you do and keep up the hard work.

If you want to learn more about Heaven Star Ross please go to her Facebook page where you can see all her photos, videos, events etc.

To learn more about the Miami Rocks Concert please go to MISO where you can find out more information and purchase tickets for the event.

“…Music is a universal language, everybody can relate to it somehow” -Haven Star

Haven Star

Besos y nos vemos en el concierto!!!