This am as I was in the car with my twelve year old son it occurred to me that I had never ever written about him, and the main reason is that he wants me to treat him as he does not exist. Yes, you read it right, he wants to be invisible… he just shows up for eating, drinking or when he needs me to drive him somewhere. Es como uno de los súper amigos y sus poderes, aparece y desaparece. PUFF!

Everyone that has a preteen or teen at home knows that they suffer from sudden and sometimes unfounded change of emotions…they go from happy to sad pasando por angry and it’s all your fault mom, with a little bit of dad it’s my best friend ever (at least for the next five minutes). It’s like living on Island of Adventures 24/7…que nota!

I try to look at it from a positive perspective, my life with him it’s always a surprise from the moment I (notese que dije que YO) wake him up to the moment I (again) have to tell him to go to sleep. Everything it’s done in slow motion, for example putting his shoes takes him at least 20 min, coojjjj que desesperación, sometimes I think his whole mission for the day is making me late for every single appointment I have. But really, who’s in a rush when you are twelve?

The highlight of my day is for sure taking him to middle school in the morning, it’s like a mission I have to complete…he wants me to drop him there at exactly 9:29 am (school starts at 9:30) windows up, music down, no eye contact with ANYONE and by anyone I mean not even him, no talking and leave the premises as soon as he is out of the car. PUNTO. Misión cumplida!

My days with him consist of monosílabos instead of conversations, food servings instead of family meals and chofering him around (no talk please) instead of driving with him places. However, when I see him walking from the bus every afternoon to my house, my heart melts…he is mine all mine and I enjoy those moments when he is also sweet, loving, kind, playful and so intelligent I can’t believe he is my son. No lo cambiaría por nada del mundo, he will always be my baby!