Ever since I can remember I have always been in love with food, specially carbs and sweets. They have been my eternal companions and friends for 37 years plus. However, lately I been upset with my friends, I love them dearly and come to find out they have not been good to me or my body after all these years of a love affair. Los muy ingratos.

According to my mom I started gaining weight when I was 6, I can’t remember specifically what was it about food that comforted me when I was younger, but I can certainly remember clothes fitting too tight and having body issues (I still have them btw) since I wasn’t as slim as my friends and cousins, la gordita del grupo pues. Not only was I overweight during my elementary years but I must point out I  needed glasses as well. Big thick pink glasses that made me stand out. How attractive is that?

I tried every diet on planet earth and its vicinity from ages 6 to 12 with no luck, it seemed that instead of loosing I kept gaining the weight. My poor mother was so desperate I even tried one diet that said you could have sweets for breakfast,  my favorite diet ever,what a surprise. By sweets the doctor that wrote the diet probably meant strawberry jelly  and cafe con leche y azucar and not the 3 ice-creams with leche condensada on the inside that I ate before going to school. Pobre mi mama.

Before I reached High School I had already lost the weight thanks to my mom (and some suspicious homeopathic drops…) but believe me the gordita mental struggle is real my friends and because of it my weight has fluctuated ever since.

A few years ago I decided to have a long and overdue talk with my beloved friend’s carbs and sweets and we unwillingly decided it was better to part ways, or at least try for our mutual benefit during regular week days.

I’ll admit it’s always a long week without them, I miss them to death and under the circumstances I had to partner with exercise and plenty of water (Yes, you heard right unsavory and boring water). By Thursday….well sometimes Monday afternoon I give in and hug them tight so tight you would think I never see them.

And is only in those moments that we are together as one, looking at each other eye to eye that I think (a little hungry): This is ridiculous, exercise keeps hurting me and water is so boring, life is only one and we should enjoy more time together, me and my sweets.

But then, as I am finishing my  last sugary and full of calories bite,  yes the one that you save and it’s full of regret, the conversation with my friends comes back to haunt me y de nuevo digo: El Lunes empiezo dieta!



  1. 1.
    the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.
    “a vegetarian diet”
    synonyms: selection of food, food, foodstuffs; More

  2. 2.
    a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.
    “I’m going on a diet
  1. 1.
    restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.
    “it’s difficult to diet”
    synonyms: be on a diet, eat sparingly; More

1)Mediterranean Diet

2)Atkins Diet

3)Paleo Diet

4)Gluten Free

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