I was minding my own business, trying not to buy the whole entire Target store while texting my sister when suddenly,  my phone went black… osea murió pues. Don’t panic I thought, it must be the battery, I’ll charge it in the car…no pasa nada.

In 3.5 seconds flat I left everything I had in my Target cart and left running straight to my car (my husband would have been proud that I had left Target without any single item), at the beginning, I was only a little annoyed since I had left at least 4 chats opened and so many conversations going on…Y ahora??

Well, I got into my car and connected patiently my phone to the charger…3, 2, 1 NOTHING! No, ya va… again unplug and plug…3, 2, 1 NOTHING! Ok, desperation ensued. Noelle it must be the car charger, don’t panic… I thought, and proceeded to go home as fast as the Boca Ratón police would let me.

Once in my house, I did not walk, I ran to my bedroom and went straight to the charger, changed the enchufe again and yes…you guessed it, nada. No matter how many chargers, enchufes, batteries, and revival techniques I tried none of them worked, that phone had ran its course and decided to die on me without prior notice. El muy insensible!

I had to wait a whole and miserable week for the insurance to replace the phone, how rude of them I must say, don’t they know I have chats and social media to attend ???. During that week I felt a roller coaster of emotions from anger, to frustration, to anxiety, to feeling my life was going to end. But thank God just when I was about to die, my phone arrived and life went back to normal.

Lessons from disconnection 101 

  1. Whomever said people need to “disconnect to re-connect” …never had a cell phone. I need my phone to connect with people all the time everywhere, I love it, and it’s my life.
  2. I also learned that the so called genius bar at Apple it’s actually pretty dumb, since it made me wait for 4 days before giving me an appointment in any of the 3 stores near me, and was not able to solve my issue at all anyways.
  3. I learned that we are the generation of what I call “no filter” , one of the hardest things for me during those days, was not being able to say whatever was on my mind the second I thought about it, and believed me when I tell you this happens, so often to me I almost cried a couple of time.
  4. We use technology so much nowadays, that I felt non-existent. I had not saved any phones, any emails, any addresses. I was on the road and nobody could contact me or vice versa. Non existent!
  5. The first days I did not know what to do with my hands, I sat down and fiddled with my fingers. Until I remember I belong to a book club, I finished that sucker in week BTW.
  6. Last but not least… I did not die from lack of technology, but I could have, and this my friends, oigase bien, es la ultima vez que la tecnología me agarra desprevenida, y siempre hay una primera pero sobretodo una ultima vez y esta fue la ultima.