In an upper suite at the hotel where the Hispanicize event was taking place was where I talked and met international Model Denise Bidot, at first I didn’t think much of her,  she was just another model getting ready for her shoot and I was so happy to meet her either way. But when she started talking to her interviewer, OMG I was in awe because everything she said made so much sense and I couldn’t agree more.

This International Plus size model is the epitome of confidence and tries to ingrain the same into her daughter, but it wasn’t always the case as she grew up with a mother that had self esteem issues and made her unconsciously doubt her own self worth.

Listening to her made me remember my own childhood and how we, as Latinas, try to become what we are not always in search of perfection. Too skinny, to fat, too blonde, too tall, too pale, too dark you name it… I couldn’t be happier for Denise and for her ground breaking boundaries in the modeling world, as I am myself trying to overcome my own weight insecurities and just trying to adopt a new healthy way of living.

I hope that I can continue to share the same message to my daughter, as she has done in this inspiring open letter to her daughter Joselyn. Please read and keep spreading to our children so we can maybe, just maybe, start to break the cycle and let them know that they are perfect, just the way they are.

“You are perfect. From your curly hair to your beautiful brown skin and your mixed heritage — you are perfect,” Denise Bidot via HP




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