Dear Santa,

This year I have been exceptionally good, well… for the most part and that’s what counts. I have tried new and unimaginable things, stock with old ones, like my exercising routine and my children, yes I decided to keep those two, and completed my dream of starting a blog.
Dear Santa | Blog for womenSanta, most of my friends are asking for materials things and only a few are wishing and praying for family union and peace, so I was wondering if I should send my list to you or  “Baby Jesús”. Do you work as a team or he is only in charge of the wishes like world peace, food for the poor and 112 diputados oficiales for Venezuela? Que confusión…

Every December I wrote my letter to you and you only even if culturally I was not supposed to. How couldn’t I? I saw you in the movies, in the mall, and at parties but never at my chimney (since houses don’t have chimneys in Venezuela). I must say you did a wonderful job and for that I thank you. However, December 25th arrived and many South Americans kids thanked the Nino Jesus for bringing toys to their houses instead of you. Where did that leave you and your exploited working elves? Que desagradecidos.

You know Santa, being Latina as a child was very confusing and I would love to have an explanation as to who is responsible for delivering what during the busy night of Christmas Eve. I think I deserve it after all these years as a loyal customer.

Sincerely yours,

Noelle Brillembourg

PS: dear Santa my colleagues, aka the  Latino kids, and I have few questions to be answered no later than December 25th:

  • How can a baby help Santa?
  • Is baby Jesus scared of the Reno’s? They can be loud
  • Does Baby Jesús need her mom? Moms are important you know.
  • Which one of you delivers the Naughty list? I need to know for next year.
  • Why do the gifts say “made in China? This makes no sense, don’t you have a store full of working elves?
  • Why did you send a Naughty Elf? His only job is to confuse Latinos even more.
  • How come you never die? Que cansancio.

Un beso Dear Santa
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