A lifetime of dreams para una inmigrante

Si tú no sabes quién soy yo, como diría Erika De la Vega, let me introduce myself and save you the trouble for later. while people might look at me and think: esta catira parece una gringa, cuando me oyenMy name is Noelle Brillembourg and I am a Venezuelan born and breed blonde with European descent, that emigrated to the USA 16 years ago, and yes, hablar no pueden negar que llevo el moreno por dentro, and let me tell you… a mucha honra.

And you might be thinking… who is she? why is she writing here? And why in Spanglish? Well friends, it all started when I came to this country many years ago, with a bag full of dreams and more determination than I can count on today, que es mucho decir porque mira que de vieja me he puesto intensa.

Now that I look back, 16 years ago it’s a lifetime away. A lifetime away of working, making mistakes, forming a family, being happy, and the most difficult and rewarding task of all, being first generation immigrant while trying to keep some of our Venezuelan roots intact for our children to enjoy.

The day that my husband and I decided to stay in this country we knew we had to work hard to become USA citizens so we were not forced to return to our country at some point in the future, and so that became our primary goal. Meanwhile, life happened (por no decir otra cosa) trabajo, casa, niños, perro, etc, ustedes saben cómo es.

My kids, como casi todos los hijos de inmigrantes, are Americans born citizens… ósea gringos pues. But this does not exempt them of having to share, learn and eat my culture: arepa, pabellón, tequenos, cachapa y hallacas are in order in this house.

So this amigos, brings me back to the beginning and all the questions that needed to be answered. I am a Latina writer, blogger, dreamer, wisher, mother, but most importantly I am just like you: una venezolana que llego a este país hace 16 anos a cumplir sus suenos y mientras tanto te voy contando el proceso.