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One of the things that I loved most about interviewing Chrissie Fit, who plays Flo in the movies Pitch-Perfect (#3 playing right now), was her love and identification with her Latino heritage. Chrissie is born and raised in Miami, from Cuban heritage and a Miami accent like you won’t believe, including the Spanglish that I so love to use.
Chrissie Fit via
She left Miami about 12 years ago to pursue her passion for acting and we had a blast interviewing her, here are a few things you did not know about her:

  • Chrissie lived in Hialeah as a child (mas latina imposible). She went toFAU for Teather and she won the first ever singing competition hosted called: Golden Idol.
  • Chrissie feels lucky to have really great people working and filming together in all the Pitch Perfect movies, but they make an effort and conscious decisions to build friendships and trust while spending time together.
  • Secret: Even movie starts to get start struck, one night after filming they went skating board with Usher Raymond the III and they could not believe it (yes, the singer)
  • Even though Chrissie does not know if Pitch Perfect 3 it’s the last movie of the sequel, she would love to do another one and sign a Capella with her friends, because she got to be so close to all and would love to spend more time together.
  • Secret: Even if you think the movie is filmed in Europe, its not…its was all filmed in Atlanta (thank God for green screens)…watch their doubles in Europe tough
  • For Chrissie the most challenging singing routine was “I don’t like it I love It” and the thing she loved the most was to improve and collaborate with the girls
  • Chrissie asked the directors to tone down the deportation and immigration jokes…she is very proud to be Latina and was able to speak with the producers and writers to add more positive images for Flo as a Latina.

Overall it was a pleasure talking to this young and proud latina actress, she is an inspiration all the way from  Hialeah to Hollywood, hard work pays off. You will see more from her soon since she is working on developing more stories with Latinos in the center and wants the public to understand more of her Cuban heritage.

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