Hallabame yo procrastinating my work early Friday morning when suddenly (after thinking it for a while) I decided to text a friend to meet for lunch and beep she texted right back: voy a almorzar con Mariana a las 12:30 pm. Vente. Beep. I replied, Chevere! Beep. Silence.

On my way to the restaurant I started thinking, this is a falta de privacidad, como es posible, what if they wanted to speak something private and I just invited myself. El colmo, but I have to be honest and say this always happens, one friend wants to go with another for lunch and one tells the other and suddenly its a domino effect and the restaurant has 10 of us Latinas yelling at each other across the table and laughing so hard and loud that the two original friends have no idea what’s going on at their table.

However, none of this thoughts deterred me from going to lunch with my friends and not only that I went as far as to let them know that I did not like the restaurant they were choosing and to please pick another one, so now I know that not only estoy coleada sino que encima opino donde nadie me invito. Incredible, I keep driving.

I arrive to the restaurant and I find the original friend (the one that I texted) by herself and she said that Mariana is coming soon and that she told Gloria, great, the more the merrier, besides now we are two coleadas. Five minutes after, Gloria arrives and she announces that her husband has nowhere to eat and he will be joining us for lunch, do we mind??? I told you this always happens.

I can’t describe how happy this dysfunctional Latino way of living far away from home makes me, its one big family among friends that we try to keep. Sometimes it hard work and a lot of maintenance but its well worth it. Having people that care and accept you no matter what no tiene precio!

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